In a world of smoke and mirrors,
any Void of substance
becomes hazy and fractionalized;
fit for pickling.
So keep your heart in your pocket
until you can smell holy desire
rising from the ashes of their broken heart.

If the voice calls to you from above,
cover your ears and run away as fast as you can.
If they are walking on higher ground,
and don’t muck around in the manure of men & women,
(and even add a little of their own)
they’re a pick-pocket looking for a free lunch.
Don’t let it be you.

This is a journey, and there are no early arrivals.
The authentic one is always a little bit late,
and comes swaggering through the door
smelling of tobacco and cheap wine;
or whatever else it is
I am holding as unholy.

5 thoughts on “VOICES

    • Thanks, Ananda. My guess is that the clarity you speak of regards being aware of the inherent lack of clarity when approaching Truth with the thinking mind. If so, then yes, I am clear about THAT. Or, as J. Krishnamurti said…”What is, IS, and thinking about it is avoiding it”. Seems words can only speak to what it (Truth) is not, and that ends up looking obscure and irreverent.

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