(The Title is a quote from Chogyam Trungpa)

Love Dog is no Buddhist.
He knows the suffering is real;
at least for now.
He’d smell anybody’s butt,
lookin’ for the scent of Truth.

It’s easy enough to hide
behind the cloak of enlightenment.
Any yogi can sit;
but not every yogi
can sit with suffering in
all its gross smelling truth;
take off their white robe;
wipe the pus from your behind;
and then kiss your lips the way a lover needs;
No way.

“Why aren’t you up there on the mountain”
they ask.

It’s no Secret.

When suffering comes knocking on their door and
lets itself in regardless of “no reply”,
their reality suddenly changes,
and there is nothing to hide behind.
Then Love Dog will be the First Responder;
lickin’ away…..
and all he wants
is a little lovin,
even tho’ he knows
that when they’re feelin’ better,
they’ll hide again,
and probably kick him in the ass.

Love Dog knows that it’s ALL yoga.

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