Down at the Garage, we’ve got a lift.
It’s an older model that came with the shop,
but it still works pretty good.
Sometimes Love Dog gets on it and rides up and down
all day long..
sometimes non-stop for hours at a time,
till he starts to feel sick,
or bored, or has to pee.

The pressure pushes him up
to the Mountain of Love,
but it comes down on its own
whenever Love Dog is ready;
(or when he gets crazy from all the love
up there in the thin air)

I asked Love Dog to explain,
and he says it like this;
He rides it up,
and it’s pretty exciting for a while,
but there’s just nothing to do,
feelin’ blissed out and all….
and it takes too much effort
to sit around doin’ nothing all day,
so he lets the gravity pull him back down.

“The work’s down here” he says.
That’s the way Love Dog explains it,
and Love Dog’s too simple to lie.

“The Garage may be cluttered and dark”
he says,
“but it’s better than fallin’ off a cliff,
or livin’ in a cave,
and besides,
there’s always sweet tea and hot biscuits,
and we’ve got plenty of tools, and all this
broken stuff”.
Yeah Love Dog, it feels good, don’t it?

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