Love Dog is sure covered in spots.
but inside, he’s as clean as a whistle.
He just tells it like it is;
if he’s sad or mad or glad to see ya,
you know it right away;
and that feels good.
Love Dog don’t play games.
What you see is what you get,
(as the saying goes)
ain’t that right,
Love Dog…,
woof woof.

But ME…well,
that’s a horse of a different color;
apples and oranges, so to speak,
because I’m not clean on the inside
like Love Dog. No sir.
The spots on my OUTSIDE,
they change all the time,
and you either like me or you don’t.
Either way, it don’t cause either one of us
too much trouble….
we either spend time together or we don’t.
The OUTSIDE spots is all about where
fantasy and reality come together,
mine and yours;
that’s our dance.

But these inside spots, now,
there’s our work.
Everybody’s got em’.
But not everybody wants to look at em’
and they sure don’t want nobody else to see em’.
They want you to think that the inside
is just like the outside,
but it don’t.
Does it?
Cause if it does, well,
you ain’t human any more.
Some say they got washed in the blood
and believe that Jesus took the spots away,
but Jesus don’t want em’.
He wouldn’t take em’, because
yeah, uh-huh,
that’s your work,
cause Jesus don’t want no spiritual unemployed.

We look at our spots to find out who we are.
That’s when we know who we are,
and when we know who we are,
we know what our work is, and we do it.
And ya know something special about those spots?
They never go away, but
they do change.
If we never look at em, they get their feelin’s hurt,
and they get real big, to get our attention,
and they start showing up on the outside.
But if we do look at em’,
they get small,
because we know what our work is,
and we’re doin’ it.

That’s how I can tell Love Dog is so clean on the inside,
cause he’s always aggravating me,
and pointing out my inside spots
that are workin’ their way out.
That’s how I know he’s my teacher.
I reckon he loves me bout’ as much as anybody.

Ain’t that right, Love Dog?
woof woof
He just wants me to feel good.
That’s what a REAL teacher is…
somebody who sees the inside spots,
and loves ya anyway,
woof woof
and that feels good.

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