A quote from William Stafford

That Love Dog…
all this broken stuff to fix,
and him floatin’ around
up on the Mountain of Love.
Next he’ll probably start eatin’
radionic dog biscuits and tofu water.

Love Dog’s all outta himself ’cause yesterday
a salesman came by sellin’ his version
of expanded awareness.
According to him, nothing is broken,
so there is nothing to fix.
And “if there is nothing to fix, well,
what are you hangin’ out in the Paradox Garage for” he asked.
Love Dog couldn’t answer that
“The SECRET is, none of the suffering is real”
“and you ain’t even real yourself” he told Love Dog.
When ol’ Wormy heard that, he just took off a runnin’.

I kinda know how he feels;
there has been an awful lot of broken stuff come in lately,
and the Love barrel has been gettin’ a might low;
sometimes I’d like to get away myself,
and pretend it ain’t real…
Like yesterday,
after the salesman and Love Dog left,
I was just a standin’ there,
when a broken heart fell off the shelf;
all sudden like, just smashed to pieces….
scared the sh*t outta me….
I had to stare at the grease-rack,
and chant for two hours
before it pulled itself back together…
then Love Dog showed up…all sheepish like…
hungry as all get-out.
He just went straight for the lift,
and got to work.

It may be that nothin’ is real;
even sufferin’…..
I can’t rightly say.
But I know I’ve got this tool-box,
and the broken stuff just keeps a comin.

But if sufferin’ ain’t real….
how do I explain all these fleas on Love Dog?

guess I’ll give him a bath,
then go stare at the grease rack.

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