One day last week, the shop was kinda slow

Even Love Dog was getting antsy, lookin fer sumpin to hump

We were at a loss, snappin at each other

When Love Dog got a strange look in his eyes

Like he was seein sumthin far off……..

rememberin sumthin from a long time ago

“You remember when we first set up this shop?” Love Dog asked

“Yea….reckon I do”

“Well, what was it we said we was doin it fer?

“To find a connection with god…find some god capital” I answered

“Did we find it” he asked

“Well, maybe….there’s been an awful lot of broken stuff come through the doors, and it’s all god, ain’t it” I asked

“Yea, but does it make any sense?”…”Has it gotten us any Capital” he pondered

“Well, it sure ain’t made us any friends, Love Dog”, but I still reckon we’re doin the right thing”, I replied.

“How’s that”, he asked

“Well, look at me and you, Love Dog…we best friends, ain’t we?

“And we’ve never gone hungry fer too long, have we?”

“And we ain’t never charged more than what it was worth, have we?”

“We aint never sold sumthin that they didn’t need, have we”

“And look at the Emptiness Box over yonder…it’s plumb full, ain’t it?”

“Yea, but so what…where’s the Capital” he asked

“Well, it’s right here, Love Dog….me and you….and all this time we spent together.

“Don’t you reckon that’s worth sumthin?” “I mean, what else is you gonna be doin that’s so much more important?

Love Dog thought about it a minute…..

“I reckon you’re right”Love Dog said

“You wanna piece of Birthday cake…and some sweet tea? I asked.

“Yea, reckon that might taste purty good.”

So it goes.

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