One day Love Dog got my attention….

Nobody had brought their broken stuff

Into the garage for a while

And he was feelin kinda low,

Wondering what we was a doin’ here.

We got these ideals about fixin’ stuff, and

hanging onto ideals is a beautiful thing….
as long as they are balanced by reality;
otherwise, hope for ideals can turn ugly,
foam at the mouth;
leave us hungry with a broken heart
and an empty egg-basket.

Everyone knows what hope feels like ,
but who really knows what reality is?
everyone has a different idea of reality,
and somewhere in the midst of
all these realities
we wake up in the right now business minute,
slugging it out with our
hopes and ideals
against this gossamer “reality”,
doing what we must do
to survive until life makes sense again.
Reality is the place where
the rocks are hard
the water is wet.
“Chop wood, carry water”
they say;
as if it is the ONLY reality
worth its rent.

One aspect of reality
is the dragon of awareness.
Its middle name is death and suffering.
Each one of us, in our own way,
will hide from or run from this dragon of suffering,
ignore it, feed it, or fight with it.
We can also choose to ride it.
It probably does not matter which path we choose
in any situation,
for the world ends with each lifetime,
and in each moment we are reborn.

Learning opportunities never end.

In this truth lies the secret,
the dragon will not harm us.
We have a protection that
is unique to each one of us.
That is who we are,
and what we are given.
And while we have the choice of running away
or hiding or ignoring or fighting,
it is also true
that we have enough
to turn and face the dragon,
spit in its eye, and
deafen our ears to the rawr,
listening to the beat beat
of the tender dragon
Feel the dragon’s abiding emptiness of  I AM.
This is yoga;
Chop wood, carry water;
live freely with the suffering,
live freely with the desire,
die in every moment,
and live forever.

and oh yeah….,
Love Dog says
“be kind”.

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