Flying at 23,000 ft., Uni giggles when I think that I’m in control;
She just wants us to surrender to what IS.
That’s all.
I mean, like,
I have read all the books;
I know what’s PC
I know what “they” say;
the opposite is also true.
It’s all Grace, right?
I mean, like,
It all depends on which era you came from,
or which culture,
or which side of the tracks (or bars).
Keep the heart and mind in balance,
THAT is where the truth is;
Hafiz left his children and went to live in a cave;
Ramakrishna was constantly drunk on Kali Ma’s love juice;
Jesus was pierced through his spleen, or maybe worse;
Why, If Jesus walked into town today,
he would be on the local talk show by Tuesday morning;
By Friday he would have a basketball shoe endorsement
and by the following Saturday
his glow-in-the-dark image
would be in every Walmart cereal box;
he would be OLD news
and you could buy his old broken plastic cross
at Goodwill.
You see how it goes?
But like, well, never mind,
because that’s the way it’s supposed to be.
Uni is in control, even at 23,000 ft.
“would you care for a beverage sir”
Whoops, there goes a wing.
“Is your seat belt fastened”
Whoops, there goes the other one.
“Let me demonstrate the pull-down action
of the inflatable air-mask”
Sorry, we just lost radio contact.
And silly me, reading all these books about Uni
and I fail to read the instruction sheet on
how to use the flotation device.
Thank goodness we’re not over water
because the cabin just blew away
and my hair is really a mess
from all this wind.
In a situation like this
my teenage son would say
“Hey, it’s all good”
He’d just enjoy the ride and not worry.
Right then, I figure out how to spread my arms
and fly like a bird;
a little awkward at first, but hey,
It’s all good, YEAH, IT’S ALL GOOD.
I’m on my own now…IT’s ALL GOOD!
and afterwards;
“No, Dad, you’re not hearing me right” he says,
“It’s all GOD”.
I’m glad he didn’t tell me that prior
to my feet touching the ground.

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