The time has come for me to be at home. (That’s what I say, but who is this “I”?) “I” does not know how he got here, or why he is where he is, where he needs to go (or not go) but this is not where I is supposed to be, is it? Or is it to be? “I” has no idea where I came from, or where I’s home is, but I is ready to be here now now. The only alternative to this is that I is a crazy person. OK. My choice is made.
1)- To allow myself to be vulnerable by opening to the mystery is an invitation for others to make that allowance for themselves. Unless we all go, none of us go. Ego is cool, but Emptiness movement and presence is way cooler. Let’s GO!!!
1)- To open to the mystery, acknowledging the suffering, without allowing the related feelings to carry me gravitationally to the material place of despair….Let’s GO!!!!~
1)-To remember that everyone is struggling, and no one knows. Suffering is turned away from as the burden is too much to carry. There is fear that looking at the suffering and the unknown will take us down. It is safer to hide in amusement, glitter or addiction. No Hiding, okay?
1)- hold your power. Share your openness only with those who have given up control of their own.
The rising and setting sun traveling on the silent river reflects “remember your gift”, and not give away your power to the machine of forgetfulness. The fire burns and does not ask forgiveness. Let’s GO!!~!~
1)- I do not need to be wedded to loss. I want something to come towards me that is not addictive, too expensive, cancerous or will betray me. Not material, I guess. It comes now, Let’s GO!!!!!
1)- I do not know why love tarries, but listen, the snow has angel wings.
1)-just because nice guys finish last does not mean that I should not be a nice guy.
1)-pray to be spared from the answer people.
1)-let’s all moan and whine a little while we wait. okay?

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