There is good news and there is bad news.

The bad news is that as far as our body goes, all of us are on (in) a ship that is sailing out on a (metaphorical) sea; to sink. The name of the ship is “WHAT IS”. There is no Captain. There are no lifeboats. No one is going to save us.
We have been born into a body,  and before too long, our body is going to die.
Between the cradle and the grave, suffering happens, but that is not error. Suffering is not a mistake. Suffering is part of what IS. Part of the grand design. The 1st Buddhist Noble Truth. We cannot eliminate suffering, but we can reduce its negative impact.  
What we may choose to believe happens at the point of our death (and following) to some aspect of us OTHER than our body (which will rot) is up to us, but it is never more than our choice of what we believe and/or live (Faith-Mind) because no one knows except God (if you choose to believe there is a God) but if there isn’t a God or a God equivalent, the one who dies with the most toys, wins.
We currently inhabit a living body, and one day, our body will die.
That’s it.

Life 101.
I don’t believe anyone really knows more than that. Maybe you choose to believe what I choose to believe, and maybe you believe something different, but about MY life and awareness, my personal beliefs (take it or leave it) are that no one knows any more than that, and if they tell you they do, they are lying to you, and quite possibly (probably) to themselves as well. (Watch out, because they probably want something). (The next logical question is why am I writing this?…what is it that I want from you?) (I have no idea, so watch out…forewarned is forearmed).
Anyway, about your own life, no one knows more than you, that’s what I think.
That’s scary, isn’t it? (to be the only one that “knows” about our life).
Often it is the case that we want so much for someone else to captain out boat, our life…someone that “knows” who can tell us what to do…how to live, a god or a lover or a President or a religion…….but no one knows more about our life than each of us individually, and until we realize that in our own awareness, and know that to be true in our pissing and dreaming and speaking and doing, we will not have freedom in living, and what others say will carry too much weight.
In relationships (political, business, romantic, etc.) we typically need or want other people to be a certain “way” to justify our existence, to give us a sense of purpose or meaning or predictability; to feel less alone; we will pick and choose the “ways” and people we listen to and take direction from, but it is all diversion, all to some extent, missing the mark.  We want this or that, but what is it that we need? There is no one more or less holy than anyone else. No more or less holy people, no more or less holy books; (They are all m/l the same from some relative perspective) just you and whatever awareness reigns in your awareness at this time and place.
We can find diversion in a talent or hobby, or a job or an addiction or being a parent or a child or a professional someone and all this will evolve, but we will move from one identity to another filling up time until our time is spent and if not inquired into, when our boat sinks we will wonder where our life went, and for what purpose, (where is the meaning) but my thought is that this body/mind experience is not who we ultimately are, and that is part of the good news..
So fast, our life goes from birth to death, all the while we struggle for understanding, direction, and control. We listen to the ones that “know”, the ones that speak out the loudest, the ones who got into print, but typically we might never take control of our own life by giving it over to our Self, (The No-thing), by allowing the presence of Emptiness (God, etc.)  to enter into our awareness. Many of us have moved away from religion (and perhaps rightfully so) but in doing so I think maybe we threw out the baby with the bath water. We typically never listen to our own heart, our own still small voice inner guide, our baby, and trust that.  We typically just do what it takes to get by. In that way we become cannon fodder for the materialism machine. The egocentric ghost that fuels addictive and thoughtless words and behavior. Can we get quiet for one minute and really listen to what is HERE?
(There is NO THING here, and it calls to us)
If we do listen, we might feel some relief with what we find. (or don’t find)
We might find our  Big Self by losing our egocentric self.

We might enable some control by giving it up.
We might find that our Self is not really who we typically think we are.
We might find that our Self is the same Self (the same non-self) that is in our child or our neighbor or our enemy, or the dragon in our dreams, or the tree or bird.; even a stone. (This is what Quantum Physics is leaning towards, anyway)
We might find that we (all of us) are the same, (all non-selves) with the same questions and the same longings and the same fears and the same delusions and the same needs.
We might find that basically, I am you and you are me.
We might find that life is not so bad after all. (being a non-self, that is)
We might find that maybe God does exist as a reality. (just not the reality we have in mind) (not as a personality, anyway).

We might find that while our boat is headed out to sea to sink….there is no water, and the important essence of who we are is not going to die, because it was never born… has always been, and always will be. How could it go anyplace? It is everything….and no thing in particular. That is the good news.
We might find that underneath all the weird carnival phoniness of our material world, there is love (or Spirit, or Cosmic Energy, or Oneness, etc.) and that there is only ONE thing that is absolutely real, and that is our essence, and we share it with everything.
We might find that we/you/me/etc. are an aspect of THAT. (as are all phenomena).
You are THAT. I am THAT.
THAT is who we really are. Our profound reality. The only absolute Truth.
(Love is what is there when there is no thing)
No thing is Everything
Everything is nothing.

What is, is, and thinking about THAT is avoiding THAT in the same way that you cannot see your own face, and a knife cannot cut itself.
(oh god, that spinning mind)
Thou art That, and That is enough
All things are real (in a relative sense)

No thing is real (in an absolute sense)
Only THAT is real, and That is Truth (with a capital T)
You and I are mirrors of Truth, and we can allow awareness of That.; Lenses that are able to project the light of Love that enlivens us. (How foggy and scratched our lens is, and how clearly and accurately we project that light is another story for another time)
Become aware that We are One
Everything is broken, and all is well;
All things suffer, and all is well;
Oh God……All is One.
It’s our choice…..and our work.
what is your alternative?
Peace, friend, 

Love, from a clashing Bob gong.

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