My singing bowl is made of brass, a combination of zinc and copper. Copper is the metal used to carry electrical currents in our homes and cars and clocks. The timing of my clock is kept by a quartz crystal. Quartz is also found in rocks and is used in bio-dynamic preparations. I have some larger quartz crystals of different colors which some say have healing powers. Color is, among other things, a result of the interaction of light with particular combinations of matter. Purple silk is dyed with olives. Blue silk is dyed with a plant named indigo. Yellow silk is dyed with clover blossoms. Red silk is dyed with cochineal, the ground up dead bodies of a female scale insect. An iguana also has scales, and eats insects. A particular insect lays its eggs only in goldenrod plants, and eventually, a gall is formed to house the larvae. There is a particular bird that preys on these larvae during the winter. In the spring, if the larvae has not been eaten, it forms a new insect that will mature and lay eggs in a goldenrod and another gall will be formed. There is also a gall which is a fungus that parasites itself primarily on oak trees by invading the sap. Maple sugar is refined by boiling the sap of the maple tree. Trees are cut down to make houses, boxes and paper. We write our thoughts on paper and combine matter and mind. We create concepts of how our world operates and write this on paper along with diagrams that explain our thoughts. The diagram that I would draw of a honeycomb, from which came the wax for my candle, is reflective of the pattern on a snake skin, and also on an ear of corn. The struggling of the tops of the goldenrod or of a lettuce are reflective of the struggles of an antler, which came from a deer that ate the corn. The patterns in the wood are reflective of the patterns in the feather. Many feathers placed together gave the owl which had wings the ability to fly up to the hole in a tree for a home. The tree died because of the attack by insects. Before the tree died, it dropped seeds which gave life to a new tree. The seed is fertilized from humus formed by the decaying tree. Part of the tree was not decomposed, and over time it formed rock again. Rocks are eventually eroded smooth by wind and water. Water carries particles of eroded rock which fertilize the soil. A conch also lives in the water, and inside the shell you can see how it grows in a perfect geometrical pattern that can be expressed as a mathematical formula. A sand dollar lives in the water as well. In the center of a sand dollar is a star shape and surrounding the star is a flower or a human shape or what? In our search for freedom it is fuel for our imagination. Look at the roots of a flower that was trapped in a pot. Look at how the roots circled the pot trying to find freedom from its prescribed environment. Goethe said that architecture is frozen music. Music and words are sounds in the air. The music resembles the air that flows under it. The laws of sounds repeat themselves in the colors. The colors are carried through the air by light. The light resembles the heat which travels through the air and the water as it wears away the stone in the river. Everything longs for completion, and in completion is freedom. Each element of nature has its purpose yet no element stands alone, and there is no end that is not at the same time a means for a new purpose. Each of these elements is related somehow to our own personal attributes and struggles. The deepest mysteries of life are related to, and in fact would not exist without the simplest and smallest element of matter, yet any one of these elements if examined in relation to the web of life in which it exists could explain the deepest mysteries of life. The essence of moral law spirals out from the seed into the stem, into the flower, into the fragrance, into the atmosphere, into the bird song, into our awareness, our thoughts, and the universal mind. A seed is a star is a seed is a star is a seed is a star. The unity contains the diversity, and the diversity falls back into the unity. The unity is observed in nature, the unity pervades our thoughts, and an action is the perfection of a thought. Any singular action that is reflective of the unity is likewise reflective of all other truthful actions and brings us joy, wisdom, a standard of excellence, and knowledge of the infinite which lives within us. Nature is a discipline of understanding in spiritual truths. As above, so below.
Nature is one subservient aspect of Sacred, and as such, is always sacredly lawful in its manifestation. Sacred is the totality of creation, including but not limited to the vehicles, laws, objects of and ultimate destination of, awareness. Sacred laws of awareness are inclusive of the ignorance regarding the sacred lawfulness of nature, although the removal of ignorance is the ultimate end of the sacred laws.

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