There comes a day for some of us

When all our work is finished, in a way;

When we complete what we came here to do.

It is a good feeling.

Yet there is a sadness that lingers

In saying goodbye to this beautiful world

With all its difficult dark challenges

And its beautiful gifts that can come only from grace;

A world created from wisdom and love.

If on this night you feel lost and alone,

If you long for freedom and a sense of intimate connection,

Or if you are glowing from having found such in your life,

Know that it all has a deep and beautiful meaning

Of which we are a part;

We are all of us immersed

In the same ocean of love,

All integral aspects of a magnificent loving embrace.

It is an orderly and magical existence

despite the heartbreak and unknowing.

I love you. All is well.


The Archer, the Arrow, the Target


The Archer

The archer must first stand firmly on the Earth

Before reaching behind her and selecting an arrow.

She does not know if the arrow she chooses

Will be straight or bent;

What imperfections are engraved in its surface;

If all the feathers are there or not,

Yet the one she chooses is hers alone.

She loads the arrow into her bow, pulls it back, then

Turns, turns…….until

Feeling the sun,

Intuits the target the best she can.

Her fingers release their grip on her heart string

Energy becomes matter

Now it is up to the arrow.

The Arrow

The arrow moves through time and space along its way.

Some arrows pass through air as light as eider down

Others through burning fire

Others through sand and mud.

The arrow becomes aware of its journey

Through the resistance it meets.

First looking back at the archer

Then surveying speed and characteristics,

As with the archer,

She intuits the target.

If she does not like what she sees or feels

She reaches up gently with the kind arms of her heart

And bends herself to change the trajectory.

The Target

The target is invisible.

Its distance away and exact location unknown

Yet it is always located at the center of the universe.

As the arrow changes the course of her arch to meet the target

The target gracefully moves to meet her halfway.

You are the archer, and the arrow, and the target.